Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface
Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface
Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface
Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface
Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface
Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface

Eucleia Tabscan S8 diagnosverktyg med J2534 interface




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Eucleia S8 Tabscan är en stor nyhet på marknaden! Den erbjuder många funktioner som inte finns i denna prisklassen!

Främst aktiva tester av bilens komponenter, elsystem och liknande.

Dessustom så erbjuder den något unik i form av J2534-VCI vilket är det interface som krävs för omprogrammering av styrdon och moduler. Observera dock att J2534 interfacet ingår men mjukvara för omprogrammering måste du införskaffa själv genom biltillverkarens egena mjukvarutjänst. Men det är högst generöst då ett J2534 interface kan enskilt kosta 8000-10 000kr.



EUCLEIA TabScan S8 is an innovative high-end auto diagnostic scanner tool which invest one million mold, strict IP65 industrial design to enhance the stability. Combined the third-party diagnostic device, J2534 and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis. With the TabScan S8 coming into market, it identifies new diagnostic experience and cost performance, it is the best choice for working shops, garages, auto service  stations ,etc.


Top Reasons to Choose OBD2 Scanner EUCLEIA TabScan S8:

1. Top one hardware equipped :8GHz quad-core, 4GB RAM , 32GB onboard memory , 8" IPS touch screen , 1280x800 pixels, 7600mAh Lithium-polymer.

2. Unique patent: Intelligent searching patent, tenfold faster than normal diagnosis. Rk3288 tablet faster Booting in 10 Seconds, Loading Apps Without Delaying.

3. Extending J2534: More PDU protocol s and access were added,support programing voltage .

4. With equipped with Android 6.0 and EUUI3.0 system, it ensure the fastest running experience and more than 3 years normal operation.

5. Tablet use international IP65 tri-proof industrial desgin

6. More Reliable Hardware : 1 million RMB invest, million times deeper test, strict IP65 design for drop proofing, water proofing and dust proofing.

7. Humanity button: Real-time voltage and connection dispaly, one-click reading VIN code.

8. Convenient application: Provide PCBU Query, remote assistance, workshop management and other convenient service.

9. Easier assistance: Feedbacks automatically send to server which makes service more easier. 


10. It can support extend Endoscope fucntion


1. All System Basic Diagnostic Functions:

Read& clear fault codes, 

Read VIN number,

Data stream and display in graph,

ECU information,

Action test,

Freeze frame,

Special functions etc,


2.Basic Special Function:

Basic coding, Matching, Reset, Secure login, Setting, Calibration, Testing, Triting information etc. (depending on the specific car models).


3.Common Maintenance Service Functions :

ABS Bleeding,

Battery Matching,

CVT Reset,

CKP Learning,

EPB Reset,

Oil Light Reset,

TPMS Reset,

Throttle Body Reset,

Steering Angle Reset,

SRS Airbag Reset,

DPF Regeneration ,

Remote matching

(depending on the specific car models, not for all cars).


J2543 Programming Supported Car Models


for Toyota, for Lexus, for Scion, for Honda, for Acura, for Volvo, for VW, for Audi, for Seat, for Skoda, for Bentley, for Lamborghini, for Jaguar, for Land Rover, for Ford, for Mazda, for GM, for Smart, for Maybach, for Benz, for Sprinter, for BMW, for Mini.



1pc x TabScan s8

  1pc x wiScan T6

  1pc x Main Cable

  1pc x Chery changan Fiat 3 pin

  1pc x for Nissan 14

  1pc x for KIA 20

  1pc x for Honda 3

  1pc x for Toyota 17

  1pc x for BMW 20

  1pc x for Mazda 17

  1pc x for BMW Test Main Cable

  1pc x USB connector cable

  1pc x AC/DC adapter

  1pc x Warranty card

  1pc x User manual

  1pc x Plastic box